Behold, the free form fruit tart:

Before, and…

After.  Fairly simple.  I used the pastry recipe from last week, divided it into four pieces, rolled them out.  Gathered a few measly berries from my parents’ yard – there were four raspberries left, and three boysenberries ripe, and a handful of marionberries.  Picked up a few northwest-raised apricots at New Seasons, and used some blueberries I picked after church yesterday.   Tossed with a lemon juice, vanilla, and sugar combo.

Heaped on the pastry, attempted to pinch the edges together.  I’m messy enough getting pastry into a pie/tart pan, so I wasn’t too surprised when the juices burst through the pastry blockade to establish a settlement on the baking sheet.  The apricots were mildly disappointing – not as flavorful as I hoped, but pleasing to the eye.  The berries were the messiest part, but I wanted to add more color to the whole adventure – probably should’ve stuck with just a sprinkling of blueberries.  Less time consuming than last week’s tart, easy to eat a lot.  Messy on the plate and quick to disappear into my mouth.  The free-form part was fun, though.  I’d like to try it again and be more inventive.