I just wrote two letters.  Whee!  Mainly so I can’t complain about never getting any interesting mail.  If I reply to some letters, I can go back to complaining.  Productive, that’s me.  Productive while I try not to panic over the fact that my car broke down yesterday and would need $900 in repairs, except that’s a waste of money because it’s 17 years old.  My car is old enough to drive and donate blood.  Almost old enough to die for its country.  Instead of $900, we’re going for the $80 fix which involves the heater/AC not working and me turning around and selling it for however much I can convince someone to pay me.  In the meantime, how convenient that my mom just got herself a shiny new car and I can drive her ancient Toyota in the meantime.  While I pretend to be able to scrape together enough moolah to get a new car.

In other news, the fridge just started making a noise like a tiny rock band is locked in the freezer.  Wait, it just stopped.  At least I’m not responsible for the fridge.  Best thing about renting.  That and not mowing the lawn.

In other other news,  little brother and I are going to the movies tonight, after we both get off work in “downtown” hometown.  I wonder not having read Harry Potter in a few years will allow me to not obsess over the adaptation?  Probably not.  Especially since Joe is pretty much the only person who vaguely puts up with me tearing apart movie versions of books, being perhaps equally obsessed with the details.  I don’t even have to care about the book, I still enjoying ripping into it.

I started The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay last night.  I’m hooked.

Also, Shug is a great little read if you’re sitting in a parking lot waiting for your car to be towed.  Delightfully distracting.

Is it wrong that all I want to do is make and eat pastry?  And feed it to people? My dad and I had an extensive discussion about pie crusts and pastry methods last night.  My dad is all “Martha this” and “Martha that” and we discuss chilling all your ingredients (apparently Martha says everything chilled, but don’t bother with the salt) and America’s Test Kitchen says a 3:2 butter:shortening ratio for optimal flakiness and flavor.  You need a large food processor, and make sure you can still see chunks of butter, and here’s why you need to pierce the dough with a fork.  My sister ignored us and watched Angel.  According to Martha, try rolling your dough out on a surface sprinkled with brown sugar and spices, and they’ll be embedded in the underside of your crust.  I like that idea.