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Ah, the last of the pastries.

Well, the last of the official pastries.  They’re here to stay in my life.

This week B and I did Surreal Green Vegetable Tarts (although I’m not quite sure what was supposed to be surreal about them).  With a frozen puff pastry (again), easy peasy and quite satisfying.

While your pastry is thawing, do the cheese part.

Some parmesan and ricotta, a dash of cumin (nice touch, that) and salt and pepper.

I couldn’t find a leek at the store, as called for, but I substituted long pieces of sweet onion.  Most of the zucchini was shredded with the vegetable peeler (once it got unmanageable, I sliced the rest), and peas were defrosted from the depths of the freezer (I have a strange fondness for frozen peas).

The veggies were tossed with a frothy egg white, fresh sliced basil, and salt and pepper.

A note on quantities, while we’re at it.  I bought a 340 gram container of ricotta a used perhaps 1/3 of it.  A sizeable chunk of parmesan broke off while grating, so I just finished it off.  I used 1 cup peas, 1 smallish zucchini, and nearly half of a decent sized onion.  I used one sheet of pastry out of the box (2 sheets to a Pepperidge Farms box).  This gave me a perfect amount of cheese and tons of vegetables.

The cheese was spread on the pastry (which I cut in half for an optimal amount of puff), leaving a 1 inch border.  Vegetables were piled on top and then drizzled with a little olive oil.  20 minutes in a 425 oven.

I probably had enough veggies to use up both sheets of pastry.  The cheese could have stretched to cover both sheets, but I like the level of cheesiness I achieved with these proportions.  I could also have piled on more veggies, but they were mounded fairly high before baking and I didn’t want things falling apart.  They did cook down quite a bit.

The result was a delicious lunch, paired with a corn on the cob.  Definitely a keeper.

Now I have to figure out what to do about my immense chocolate craving.  And figure out how to hold my tongue until Kitri has a chance to read Harry Potter (putting that library copy to good use before sending it on to some lucky child – or more likely, staff member).

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