I’m listening – or trying to listen – to Charles Frazier’s Thirteen Moons.  I got through the first disc, and I told myself that I would make a decision at that point.  The kid, I can’t even remember his name, is setting off to be indentured to a shop keep.  He’s camping out and killing snakes and fending off bears.  I could care less.  But, it’s well told and read.  I appreciate the old-fashioned turns of phrase and the feel of the thing.  I just don’t know if I want to bother getting into it.

Yesterday I picked up Miranda July’s No One Belongs Here More Than You.  At least I think that’s the title.  Just like with the movie she made, I have a hard time remembering the precise wording of her titles.  Short stories, which never quite hook me as well as a novel, but they’re intriguing.  Since it’s due back in 3 days, it got bumped up above Kavalier and Clay temporarily.

What else?  This morning I picked up To Buy or Not to Buy Organic by Cindy Burke to peruse as I waited for a too-ripe peach to turn into a peach oven pancake.  Was the peach organic?  I don’t honestly remember.  Is that one of the things I ought to buy organic?  I haven’t gotten that far.  So far we’re talking about the horrors of pesticides, which I can’t say I’ve ever really dwelt on before.  Let’s cheat and skip ahead (it’s that kind of book, it’s okay) and find out about that peach.  Hmm, it ought to have been organic.  If not, it’s preferable that it was sprayed “before the fruit set.”  If sprayed within the last month, avoid.  Now you know.  (I ought to ask the peach folks at the farmer’s market about their spraying habits – I don’t think they’re certified.  But I like to just buy my produce and walk away – I am an introvert.)

Now, on to food.

Di’s comment about chocolate bars did nothing to abate my cravings.  The chocolate malt I had yesterday was a temporary fix.  As, I suppose, are all consumings of chocolate.  How is it that I have no chocolate in the house?  There is cocoa, and unsweetened baking chocolate, yes.  I could bake something or make pudding (mmm, pudding pops).  But I just want to bite into solid chocolate.

The tomatoes are growing apace, although still completely green.  But it’s heartening to take the compost out and see them all hanging out together.  The sunflowers have also done nicely.  I would show you pictures but for some reason they’re reluctant to upload.