I’m taking a break from my to-do list (it was getting out of control) to eat pie and drink tea and catch up.  Next on the list is making this week’s rice and beans for lunch.  Mmm.

I know I have way too many ways to keep track of all the books I’m reading/have read/want to read, and that some days I veer towards spending more time keeping track than I do actually reading, but I’ve found yet another way and I couldn’t resist it.  First, there’s ye olde paper and pen – all titles and authors get recorded the day they are finished in my journal.  It’s nice to have titles juxtaposed with all the stuff that’s on my mind.  Then I keep the booklist page here, because, well, who knows why.  I like the numbered list, it’s easy to compare months.  Then I started using Revish, because I wanted the to-read list and to try and actually review something on occasion.  But the site is fairly clunky and the lists are occasionally wonky and half the time I search it doesn’t come up with anything.

Then just the other day I saw a link to Goodreads, which I think has edged out Revish as my online track-keeping tool.  And I did the mildly obnoxious pull up your address book and send invites to all your friends thing, and if I didn’t send one to you and you want to be my friend, well go ahead.  It feels a little slicker, I like keeping an eye on friends’ lists, easy to comment, etc.   You can judge my list and I can judge yours, right?  Oh, and you can get little condensed emails listing all the recent updates to your friends’ lists.   The next question is…how much time will I waste adding my already-read titles?

In other news, what’s with the cool weather?  Where is the August we know and loathe?  I haven’t even missed having air conditioning as I trundle around in my mom’s little old car.  I ought to be miserable and longing for fall and being able to wear sweaters and socks again.  Instead, I am wearing sweaters and socks.

At least my tomatoes are still ripening.