Sunday afternoon.  I seem to have avoided the Sunday Headache this week, despite staying up too late last night listening to The Countess Below Stairs (our Anna sounds more than a bit like Audrey Hepburn, and the reading is overall fab and delightful) and then reading Middlemarch because I felt sorry for cheating on it.  Also despite my so-far consumption of one cup of church coffee, one church pastry, and a small, tart farmer’s market Gravenstein.  That doesn’t seem like enough for 2 pm, but if the headache that’s plagued me recent Sundays is absent, then all is well.  Kitri and her new sparkly ring, however, are out for the count on the couch.

I foresee more coffee in my future.

I haven’t written much this week because it would only have been whining.  And who wants to hear me moan about work and the skin missing from my knee?  I don’t even want to hear me whine.  Let’s just say that mayhem at work + my knee becoming too well acquainted with the pavement is not a good thing.  I’m starting to get over it.

This week’s farmer’s market haul (I seem to have missed both markets the past few weeks) includes the aforementioned apples, a bunch of green beans, and some red potatoes.  The tomatoes ripen apace.

My new bookshelf?  I’m in love.  We now have three full shelves dedicated to our handicrafts and games.  Plus room for my expanding New Yorkers that really ought to be tossed but I might want.  Now I can go buy more books, right?

I’m still enjoying using Goodreads.  I can keep an eye on everyone.  Come on over.