I’m swimming in library holds because I’m STILL READING MIDDLEMARCH.  I love it, though, I’ve got to tell you.  When Casaubon bit the dust, I literally cheered.  Sure, I knew it was coming based on a wintry viewing of the film version several years ago, but cheer I must.  Much of the book is hilarious, for one thing, if you’re awake enough to pay attention, but the emotional scenes also have this wonderful quality of describing how each character is misreading the other.  And, of course, contributing to their personal misery by it.  Also, can I say that I hate Rosamund?  I just hit the 600 page mark, so the end is in sight.

However, I  have made progress in the audio book department – I finished Gilead last night and discovered that I had really warmed to it.  For a story about father-son relationships, it really affected me.  It also dealt with spirituality without bashing me over the head.  The strength of it almost lay more in how it made me think about my own life than about the lives of the characters.  If that makes any sense.

Plus, I just realized that Gilead won the Pulitzer and hence qualifies for my third book in the Book Awards Challenge.  Which means, for those keeping track at home, that I’m on target for one a month (Kavalier and Clay in July, Roller Skates in August, Gilead in September).  I might have another award winner in my stack of holds at the library, but of course I can’t check because the entire system is down for two days.  I KNEW that there would be at least one moment where I was at home and needed to use the catalog, and it has arrived.  I’m so dependent.

Another belated Food Monday coming later…