This week’s recipe was borrowed from nerd’s eye viewmango tilapia from one of her Fish Wednesdays.

The first step was a reconnaissance mission to the store.  Instead of usual walk to the store, I decided to drive to TJ’s – I was out of honey and I could make a detour to the people who have a cabinet of honey outside their garage.  Put the money through the slot, take a jar.  Then, of course, TJ’s didn’t have rice noodles or ginger or an acceptable piece of tilapia.  They had exceedingly cheap, frozen tilapia from China.  In my head I heard a little voice, much like I expect Pam’s to sound, telling me, “tilapia is a fine fish to eat – if it’s US farmed. (US and Canada farmed fishes are often okay, it’s the SE Asia farming that’s not so great.)”  Oh, right, she did say that.  I just have no idea what her voice sounds like.  So I set down the $4/lb fish, make a quick detour next door for ginger, came home to unpack my loot, and headed to New Seasons.  As usual.

There I found a “good” farmed fillet from Ecuador and the all-important rice noodles.  I sautee my red onion, grated in some ginger, tossed in cubed mango, and sprinkled some chili oil.

Once this had cooked down a bit, I threw in the tilapia and sort of buried it under the mango and onion.  Once it started the flake, I tossed the lot over some rice noodles.

Despite the warning on the bottle, the chili oil wasn’t all that hot (and I’m a girl who buys mild salsa).  I started out cautiously, adding more and more until finally I had my plate in front of me and began dousing the finished product.  Maybe it’s because I didn’t add much ginger, but I couldn’t taste much beyond the mango.  Still, it was tasty and unlike any other fish dish I’ve made.

And, since today is all about the overhead shots (apparently), here’s a gratuitous picture of my latest round of garden tomatoes.

Oh, and I really recommend that you finish off the meal with a chocolate covered coconut fruit bar, to complete the tropical theme.