Here I am, in the land of red couch fever, where the couches are really beige and the real red couch is still sitting in your own living room, and I’m discovering some interesting things.  First of all, when you announce you’re visiting and your friend says, great, “maybe we’ll kill something in your honor,” this should be translated as “you really ought to remind me a few days before because I might go to a wedding that I forgot to tell you about.”  Don’t leave it till you arrive at the airport and call to say you’re on your way and no one answers.  Or you call when you’re a few minutes outside town and no one answers.  Or you’re driving around town trying to find their street and no one answers.

Whether or not anything has been killed in my honor, I’ve yet to find out.  Fortunately, the inlaws live next door and fed me pizza, and the door is unlocked and I’m making myself at home.  Kate’s never going to live this one down.

Okay, perhaps I’m enjoying this too much.  Otherwise, the first day of my trip has been uneventful.  I finished Songs Without Words on the plane, and as I said in a comment, I liked it and wanted to finish it, but I never fell in love.  There were moments and characters that struck me, but it never transcended.  But I think if you enjoyed her first book, The Dive from Clausen’s Pier, you’d enjoy this one.  Similar in that they’re about people grappling with tough times and their relationships with others as they deal with things they never thought they’d have to deal with.

In the car (I accidentally took the wrong route but ended up with a nice touristy jaunt over the Golden Gate Bridge, so all was well) I started listening to A Certain Slant of Light.  I rewound it a few tracks in because I’d been so focused on driving that I’d missed a bunch, and when it started over it didn’t replay the bits I’d remembered, and the story was kind of confusing, and I rewound it again and then noticed that the CD player in the rental car had been set to random.  So no wonder it was confusing.  Once I finally got it playing in the correct order, I got into it.  I’m not really sure where it’s going, but I’m intrigued.

In other news, I’m annoyed that Kate has discs 4 and 5 of Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix, but not 1-3.  And as much as I don’t want to like GA, it’s an addicting little show and there’s a strong pull to just put in disc 4 and watch it.

I like how I came all this way to, um, blog.