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I don’t seem to be forming my thoughts into anything coherent enough to write about here, and I can’t take my pictures off my camera until I get home, and, well, I’m busy socializing.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time down on the farm.  It was perhaps the closest I’ve ever come to really enjoying animals – there were just so many options.  I could try my hand at milking goats, I could watch Kate milk the goats (much more expertly), I could watch Taz watch the rabbits, I could eat the rabbits,  I could scatter past-their-prime tomatoes and grapes (and leftover pancakes) for the chickens, particularly enjoying the moments when handfuls bounced off the goats, who wanted to see what was so exciting.  I think I enjoyed the bouncing a little much.  I went for a nice walk with Taz and took pictures of the trees and views and such, and I even snapped a few of the goats, but I never once took a picture of my dear friends.  Or their jealousy-inducing kitchen.

At any rate, now I’ve made my way further south and am giving the PhD-track lifestyle a try.  I’m also getting in some quality Indian summer, although not really Indian summer because it’s California and just is this way, but a personal Indian summer.  So I can go home and enjoy the rain.

In book news (and there’s always book news) I finished up Coraline, which was interesting but really, what was all the fuss about?  I expected it to be much creepier and chilling.  Now I’m getting into Nancy Farmer’s The House of the Scorpion, which has all kinds of medals plastered on the cover just in case I didn’t already trust Ms. Farmer to deliver the goods.  Really, when is that woman going to get a Newbery?  Enough with the Newbery Honors.  She’s someone I can count on to take a subject matter that I don’t particularly care about and make it fascinating.  I was low on library books before I left on this trip, so I pulled a couple off my shelf that I’d bought but never got around to – so I feel virtuous and entertained.

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