We’ve officially entered the rainy season.  Yes, true, the rainy season never really stops here, but we’ve had some monsoon quality rainstorms lately.  Last night I was falling asleep, listening to the nice gentle drip of rain when a global faucet was turned all full force and it went drop “plop plop plop” to “CHHHHHHHH.”  It would dwindle for a moment, and then it would start back up.  It was so loud that I felt like I ought to be outside, experiencing this extremity.  It was movie-quality rain, the kind where romantic characters are suddenly drenched while having a tender moment after running after each other when they suddenly realize they must confess their undying affection.

I’ve been thinking about Thanksgiving dinner and it’s gotten me awfully hungry, a situation that might be improved by eating lunch.  Or, you know, more pumpkin waffles.  Or I could bake more pumpkin muffins.  Or try this recipe for pumpkin bread pudding.  All pumpkin, all the time.

I’ve been reading Emma, rather slowly, ever since I got back from California.  Occasional breaks for children’s books, because I don’t want those library books to gather dust on my shelf.  Last night I picked up Touching Snow, which I’d checked out because it was on the list of National Book Award finalists (the “young people’s” list, what else?  Because last year I read all the finalists and thoroughly approved of their choice of winner) (I put all of them on hold, except for 1) Story of a Girl which I already read and liked – and was just telling Bronwen about!  Because we drove through the town where it was set!  2) The Invention of Hugo Cabret which I also already read and liked, but did not drive through the town where it was set because I didn’t have enough gas to make it to Paris.)  Anyway, I started reading it and was pulled in…but it turned out I was not in the mood to read about an abusive step-father (they call him “the Daddy,” which really creeped me out for some reason).  So instead I turned to something I knew I would enjoy (it was Friday night, after all) and started the third Oracle Prophesies book, Day of the Scarab.  Oh yeah.

In the car right now I’ve got The Namesake – I have no idea where the story is going, but I’m sold and along for the ride.  Too bad it’s overdue…bad wanna-be librarian.

*”Jason, the Ice Capades are an extravaganza” – Ms. Allegretto