I made my butternut squash soup (no photos, because it’s really not that pretty) and ate the last of my pumpkin bread pudding (photos to come) and sat down with a cup of tea.  Read through a few articles for school and now I’m dying to close my eyes.  Not necessarily because the articles are boring (one was hilarious) but it’s a gray day, and my tummy is full, and the couch is comfortable.  I went for a walk this morning and thought of all kinds of things to write about, but of course now they’re gone.  Something about Lincoln logs…oh yes.

There are these logs in the park that are set up like Lincoln logs.  Okay, I’m sure the Lincoln log people imitated the way logs were actually cut to make log houses but WHATEVER.  Where one long piece of wood rests on two little pieces, and they’re all notched to fit together?  For whatever reason, there are a bunch of these in the park, all lined up.  I have no idea why, but today I suddenly noticed them as being Lincoln log-esque, and for whatever reason it felt noteworthy.  I always like Lincoln logs.

Speaking of constructing houses, my second thought was of all the leaf-houses we built as kids.  My parents have two maple trees in the front yard, and instead of raking up the leaves and disposing of them, my sister and brother and I would rake them into floor-plans.  We would argue over who got which “room” and what would go where and it was all delightful.  And whenever we were bored, we’d just rake the leaves into a new shape and play house in our new house.  Until everything got too wet and soggy and had to be raked up.  I wish we had pictures of that.  Clearly I’ve always been a teensy bit obsessed with houses.   I would say that these leaves houses were one of THE memories of being a child.  Top Ten.

On the book front, I’m reading the Konigsburg.  I’m generally a fan, so I’m inclined to like it, but I’ve read less than flattering reviews and I can’t get them out of my head while I read!  Certain elements are a little heavy-handed, but her characters I do love.  It turns out several of the characters have appeared before, but for all my retention of authors and titles, I’m terrible at remembering the insides of books in great detail – so even though it’s only been a few years since I read The Outcasts of 19 Schuyler Place, it wasn’t until she hit me over the head with it that I realized Amadeo’s parents were the kids in that story.  I do like it when characters and places are glimpsed again and again.

I’m 2/3 through The Namesake, which I’m still thoroughly enjoying, and way too pleased with myself at spotting a certain plot development WAY in advance.  A casually introduced character shows up years later?  I called it.

An addiction to Veronica Mars has been impairing my book reading this week, sad to say.  Of course each episode leaves you with a question and of course the next episode doesn’t really answer it.  Yet I keep watching just one more.

Despite the pumpkin bread pudding, I’m having a serious craving for chocolate.  It’s calling out to me.