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Isn’t it odd how you build some assignments up in your head, thinking “this will be SO HARD.  It will take SO LONG.”  You have a rough draft due in three days, and you haven’t written a word, and you don’t even know what to write about.  And then you’re lying in bed one morning, trying to be able to breathe through your nose again (futile) and thinking about how if you hadn’t stayed up to watch another episode of emo Robin Hood (no, seriously – Robin’s band of outlaws looks fresh from, well, band practice) you couldn’t gotten up earlier and gotten more done…and then you get an idea.  And you get up, and type a couple paragraphs, and do about 5 seconds of preliminary research, and ask your prof’s opinion, and just like that you’ve passed the rough draft requirement.  Of course, the work is still ahead, but it’s amazing how much little tasks can get built up into huge endeavors in your (my) mind.

I’ve got some little book reviews up at goodreads – , The Mysterious Edge of the Heroic World, How It Happened at Peach Hill, Day of the Scarab, probably something else, too, that I’m forgetting.  I always debate about linking vs copying and pasting (like it really matters).  Eh.  I just like having a centralized place for all my book thoughts and goodreads is working nicely.

I ought to bake something – maybe more pumpkin muffins.  This cold has left me pretty apathetic about food – or rather, apathetic about making food.

I have to say – and I completely blame Kate for this – that I checked The King Arthur Flour Baker’s Companion out of the library and now I never want to return it.  Time for a trip to Powell’s!  Oh baking, how I love you.

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