Monday morning, drinking my coffee and feeling glad that I’m inside and not outside, where it’s blustery and rainy, declaring itself November.

I finally finished Half Life.  If you’ve read my review on Goodreads, you know I was heartily sick of it after a promising start.  Part of the probably that I’ve had Ha’Penny waiting for me for a week or so, and I’d done the delayed gratification thing long enough.  Where you have a book that you are pretty much sure you’ll love, so you don’t want to read it because then it will be over and what will you look forward to?  So it sits on your shelf as insurance.  Kitri is doing the same thing to Book of a Thousand Days.  But being bogged down at the end of Half Life had me desperate to start with the delicious sequel to Farthing, and so I skimmed through, tossed it aside, fixed myself some dinner, and sat down with Ha’Penny and a glass of wine.  And later, a lemon bar.

It was really really hard to put it down and go to bed.

Although I did manage to take a break to finish watching an overdue-at-the-library copy of Little Women, the childhood-favorite Katharine Hepburn version.  How could I have forgotten that it’s such a sob-fest?  From the very first scene – where Marmee helps the old man going to visit his last son dying the hospital!  Goodness.  It turns out that almost every detail, intonation, costume, and line was imprinted on my brain as a kid.  But I loved it as much as ever.  Just through more tears.  I’m turning into a softy as I grow up.

Then it was back to Ha’Penny and only managing to close the book when my eyes drooped shut.  I think that I might even have to give Walton’s fantasy a try…as much as I’m not a reader of, um, non-children’s fantasy, her alternate-histories are just too good to hold the fantasy label against her other books.

I started listening to Rebecca this morning for Leila’s The Big Read: Rebecca.  I’m doing the audio thing, listening to it around the house while I ate breakfast and tidied and such.  So far it definitely has the Jane Eyre feel to it – the less-privileged, inexperienced girl.  The older kind-of married man.  The house.  The slightly gothic feel.  Well-suited to today’s weather.