It’s all coming up so quickly.  First the National Book Award, and right around the corner the Printz, Newbery, Caldecott, etc.  Why do I love book awards season so?  I just do.  It’s always an added thrill if you’ve already read the winner, if you’re up on things and Have an Opinion.  Having an opinion apparently matters to me a good deal.  I’m already behind on the National Book Award since I’m STILL on hold for The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian.  Of course, the adult awards I could care less about.

I’ve been looking back over the list of what I’ve read this year, and trying to remember which were 2007 titles and to pick out favorites.  I’d definitely like to see The Wednesday Wars pick up an award, and Feathers and If a Tree Falls at Lunch Period and Emma-Jean Lazarus Fell Out of a Tree were none too shabby either.  I loved Laika, but the format pretty much prohibits it from the Newbery.  The Printz now, they know how to do right by graphic novels.  Book of a Thousand Days has potential.  The Invention of Hugo Cabret gets a lot of buzz, and I liked it, but I’m not necessarily rooting for it.  Story of a Girl and The White Darkness were both solid YA titles.  I feel like I must be missing something, either that or I’m woefully behind on my 2007 reading.  There wasn’t really a YA title this year that I LOVED like I loved dear Octavian Nothing last year.  Still, I’m getting very very curious.

Who decided Thanksgiving is next week?  That’s just crazy talk.  But, a good excuse to make a chocolatey pie.

In other news, the Advent fast is upon us and my fridge was not emptied of dairy products in preparation.  Waste not, want not, eh?  At least what I can’t make Kitri polish off.