I am forever doing my school reading and chuckling over various things I come across.  This morning it’s the reminder that “patience and forbearance” are “traits that good reference librarians always have in surplus.”  (Celia Hales Mabry)  It shouldn’t be funny but it is.  I like reading things that would shake my family’s firm belief that I’m suited for librarianship.  Not that I can’t be patient and forbear, but that is perhaps not their idea of me.  Hmm?

In other news I have finished Rebecca and now I’m wishing I’d kept pace with the read-along gang because I’m dying inside not being able to talk about it.  I ended the book, um, confused.  Kind of like the time I had to read All Quiet on the Western Front in high school, and I didn’t realize there was an epilogue and thought “well, that’s an awfully vague ending – does he live?” until someone pointed it out to me.  Except Rebecca doesn’t have an epilogue.  Either there’s some intense vagueness going on or I missed a major clue.  Maybe I was reading too late at night.

Now I’m reading The Shadow Thieves which is alternately s l o w  and completely engrossing.  It’s heavy on the sentence fragments, which sometimes works and sometimes irritates.  The chapter on Hades turning into a bureaucracy had me howling, but other chapters drag out a bit too much, or maybe it’s the tone making the pace feel slower than it really is.  Still, I’m very curious to see where it goes.  I’m enjoying this doing-interesting-things-with-Greek-mythology trend in the kidlit world.

It’s time to buckle down to the school reading after a weekend of brunches, yarn stores, knitting, wine imbibing, movies, Thanksgiving dinners, out-of-town friends, in-town friends, and family.  Two more weeks till Christmas break – if only I’d kept up with things, I could sail through these two weeks!