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I’ve got quite a to-do list lined up for the moment when I turn in my last assignment of the quarter – ie, starting next Monday morning.  Or Sunday if I’m on top of things and get the last assignment in earlier than the midnight deadline.

  • There are 8 books to read for the mock Printz in January (I’ll put them up on Goodreads soon) – or 9 if I reread The Wednesday Wars, which I just might because I like to have things fresh in my mind.  The 10th title is, of course, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian.  I can’t believe I’ll be forced to cast a mock vote and leave out either title…hence the wanting to have them fresh in my mind.  Notice how I consider all this as though my mock vote actually matters.
  • There’s the Christmas shopping.  I’m looking forward to it, mostly because I can’t do it yet or the homework will never get done.  So the anticipation is making it desirable.
  • There’s an ornament swap that I have to come up with something for.
  • There’s a money making scheme that’s overdue that keeps getting bumped because of school.  I’m actually looking forward to that.
  • There’s getting the vacuum fixed/replaced.  NOT looking forward.
  • There’s decorating the tree.  Good ol’ Doug, who has taken up residence but is sadly naked.  I love free Christmas trees.
  • Christmas cards – I have the urge to send them to everyone I know.  I guess I’m a grown-up now.
  • I still haven’t finished putting my collection on Library Thing.

But really, the to-do list of the moment is the one that involves me catching up from being a slacker most of the quarter.  Two big assignments, way too many small ones.  Six days and counting.

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