Yesterday I finished all the little piddling assignments for one class – the class with the earlier deadline – and now I’m on to the wide open frontier of The Essay.  Good Lord it’s been donkeys years since I’ve written a real essay.  Most of the stuff for grad school has been ‘evaluate this reference source’ or ‘analyze the information behavior of this user group’ – which to a former English major is not a real essay.  There is no need to formulate a thesis or really tease out the nuances of your topic.  It’s straightforward.  You can tell when you’ve covered all the main points.  You just need a little decent organization, check your spelling, and you’re set.  The Essay, though, she is another beast.  A beast that forces my creaking brain back into those English major grooves.

And I promise I’ll shut up about school soon.  This paper is due Friday, the rest is due Sunday, and then the sweet freedom of Christmas break.  I keep adding more items to that great to-do list in the sky – there is a knitting project that will require a consultation with the greater knitting brains at my neighborhood yarn store, and then it will actually need to be finished.  There is another crafty project that I would love to complete.  I did manage to cross off ‘nostalgic tree decoration’ from the list – it was just too bare.  I counted eleven Santa ornaments in my collection, and that’s not even counting any ornaments left at my parents’.   You remember the elf, don’t you?

Yeah, him.

He’s back, and he’s keeping an eye on the neighborhood with a view out the window.  Actually, he never really left, having spent time in various odd places around the house since last Christmas, as seen above.  A nomadic elf, he is.

I’m sure I’ve posted all these photos before, but it’s Christmas nostalgia, okay?  Give me a break.  We also have your classic Christmas 1983 (I was two):

After Christmas break starts I’ll catch up on all the books I’ve been reading and try to recover my usual lightness and mirth…can you tell I’m procrastinating on this paper?