I had lunch today with pregnant-out-to-HERE Maren and she gave me a Christmas present – two glass ornaments that glow delightfully against the tree lights – and now I’m ready to go. I want to give out all the presents under the tree – and get presents, too – and be all happy. Kitri and I exchanged gifts (deelightful silver earrings for me) because we just couldn’t resist the power of the Christmas spirit, and I want to bake molasses cookies and sing carols and drink cocoa. I’m scaring myself, frankly. I think it’s all because today is my library day and I know I’ll actually get off work on time, unlike at the other job where I’ve been staying an extra hour every night. Let me tell you, getting home and eating dinner at 11 pm is no fun. AND they tried to tell me I was coming in on my ‘day off’ and the Jessmonster had to come out and say NO because ‘day off’ = ‘work at the library’ and nobody tells me to ditch the library. You could ask politely, and I could check with the library, and chances are I could change my schedule, but TELLING me? No way. But no Monster today, it’s all lightness and giggles and Christmas cookies around here, yes sir.