Things I’m really liking this year:

  • French press coffee, oh how I love you.
  • Bob’s Red Mill 7 Grain Cereal – like Cream of Wheat, but heartier.  Delicious with brown sugar and drenched in milk.
  • My new sweater, which I’ve worn every day since I bought it.  Cozy and chocolate brown. Also, used and $15.
  • A clean house.  Between a New Year’s Eve party and a house-blessing, we’ve been keeping things pretty tidy around here.  Not like we’re usually slobs, but it’s easy to get used to clutter when you don’t have a reason to clean it up.
  • Candles.  Everywhere.  Especially beeswax.
  • Musicals.  I blame it all on my brother, who apparently has been having movie-musical nights in his dorm.  As in, he and his roommate go and watch things like Fiddler on the Roof in the common room.  They are such dorks, but it’s been a real inspiration.  On New Year’s we introduced cousin Di to The Best Musical Ever, aka Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.  Which I own.  Then we watched Singin’ in the Rain, and decided it couldn’t hold a candle to SBFSB.  Then I went on a little Fred Astaire kick, and now I’ve got all kinds of old movies on hold.  It’s fun.  Dorky, yes, but fun.