I was blog-jumping today, following various links around kid lit blogs, and came across this list of “Justina’s Fab Five Ways to Support Your Local Bookstore.”  Since #1 was to attend an in-store author event, I immediately went to the Powell’s website to see what was coming up that I could go to.  I spotted Kirby Larson (author of the excellent historical YA Hattie Big Sky) but of course that’s on a Thursday night when I’m at work.  Boo.  But – squeal! – Shannon Hale and Libba Bray are coming on the 26th.  Kitri also squealed at the news, and squealed again when I reminded her that now she could get that copy of Book of a Thousand Days autographed, and so we’re going!  Like the overgrown geeky fangirls that we are.  Oh boy.  I hate to admit this, but I’ve never ever been to an author event before (outside of college, that is, and those were always for classes).

In related news, I finished up Lloyd Alexander’s last book ever (sob) which was a good, old-fashioned adventure story, and, I discovered when I just had to share a section with Jenna, a great read-aloud.  Now I’m moving on to the enormity that is Jennifer Donnelly’s The Tea Rose.  I loved her A Northern Light, so I’m hoping for good things.  I’m also thoroughly enjoying Ann Patchett’s Run on audio – a good wintry book.

In unrelated news, I got to hold a tiny, perfect bundle of a baby tonight – my friend Maren’s four-day-old daughter Olivia.  It was with great reluctance that I handed her over to her grandmother after a quick visit and dinner delivery (coming by with food really is the best way to worm your way in when people with new babies aren’t really having visitors yet).