I’ve decided to take the plunge into the world of MP3 audiobooks with The Abstinence Teacher – yeah, yeah, not like it’s some huge technological change for me, but the selection at the library is extremely limited – about 200 – so it feels cutting edge.  I haven’t actually started listening to it, but I heard an excerpt on one of my bookish podcasts and it sounded promising.

I’ve become mildly obsessed with the fact that currently, there is only one copy of Good Masters, Sweet Ladies! in circulation in my county (our children’s librarian was all on top of things and ordered it in the fall, but the rest of the libraries still have it on order).  I’ve had it on hold since October.  Currently I’m 1st in line, and it’s checked out to a staff member at another library.  Who has it out overdue.  What is the world coming to?  I’m SURE this person knows it’s a hot item, and sees the huge list of holds, but still they hang on to it.  When I get my hands on that puppy, I’ll be reading it pronto and turning it in quickly for the next person in line.

I’m still enjoying Drowning Ruth, and I’m nearly at the end of The Golem’s Eye, which is just awesome on audio.  Sometimes I lose track of the details, listening while I drive, but the delightful narration more than makes up for it.  I am cracking up all the way from home to work and back again.  Next up on audio are The White Darkness and Slam.