I’ve been on a little bit of a book buying spree lately – nothing compared to some people’s habits (ahem, Lazy Cow) but quite an extravaganza for little ol’ me.  Between gift cards, vouchers, library donations, and impulse buys, I’ve ended up the proud owner of:

  • The Arrival – so I can browse the gorgeous illustrations at will
  • The Wednesday Wars – chrysanthemum, Gary Schmidt, chrysanthemum
  • Jacob Have I Loved – it’s been too long since I reread it
  • Love That Dog – because I Love That Book, and it was a $3 hardcover
  • The Sparrow – I bought a copy but gave it to my brother before I had a chance to read it – I snatched this copy off the library sale shelf
  • Not the End of the World – I read these before I fell for Kate Atkinson, so I’m curious to reread them; I’m only missing two titles from my KA library
  • Brat Farrar – I own too few Josephine Tey books
  • A Wrinkle in Time – love the new covers, and I was tempted to buy the whole series
  • The Moonstone – because I love some good old-fashioned suspense

Now it seems my adult fiction/poetry collection has outgrown its shelves – I might have to steal some space from the crafts and games.  Plus I’m collecting a little pile at my desk of more library donations – at $1-2 dollars a pop, it’s hard to resist.