My dad, referring to some child star: “She sounds like she was raised by adults.”

[insert uncontrollable laughter from my mom, my sister, and me]

Me: “As opposed to us, who were raised by…wolves?”

Oscar night always reminds me of how many movies I meant to see this year, but never got around to.  And then I come home and watch a few episodes of Big Love, and remember why it is that I watch so few movies in theaters.  I’m too busy watching past seasons of TV shows on DVD.  I need to get out to the Laurelhurst more for some $3 movies.   But of course the only time I can go is the weekend, the time reserved for social activities and procrastinated assignments.

My sister and I did make it to the ballet this Saturday, for the first time in years.   One of the things that I always assume people know about me, but they often don’t if I met them past the age of 16, is that I danced for 10 years.  Ten Years.  Crazy.  So this thing happens when I go to the ballet, where I have this phantom muscle memory and I’m thinking in my head, “I could totally still do that.”  HA.  HA.  But I can remember what it feels like, which is a bit eerie.  Also, I still have Bolero stuck in my head.  There were these people sitting behind us who sounded like regular ballet goers but not experts or snobs, and it was totally worth the price of admission to listen to their commentary between pieces – the program was four shorter pieces, with a nice variety of styles and music and moods.  Anyway, the people behind us would gasp with pleasure at the end of some pieces, or discuss the decline in grammar in program notes (and society in general).  One piece had a feel that I can only describe as delightfully kitschy – a pas de deux with old-style costumes, very Coppelia* with the  guy looking like a hunter, complete with tall boots with little tassels, and the girl in a full skirt with a hilarious little hat perched on her head.  The people behind us gasped when she ran onto the stage.  Me, I couldn’t stop chuckling over the boot tassels.

*Spell-check wants to change this to Copperfield or Zeppelin.