Well, I managed to read 17 books in February. And all month I kept thinking “I’m not reading enough!” Hmm.

The other day, Kitri and I were each trying to think of the last adult book we’d read, and we were both having trouble, but it turns out I read a lot of them (for me) in February

  • 6 books published as adult titles
  • 4 YA
  • 7 children’s (although, as always, where is the line? A few of these were borderline YA)
  • 1 classic (Emma)
  • 4 historical fiction
  • 3 fantasy
  • 4 audiobooks
  • 2 Newbery medalists
  • 1 Printz and 1 Printz Honor
  • 1 book given up on – I just couldn’t get into Click and chucked it after 3 chapters. I don’t do that often, but both the first and the third chapters irritated me, and with a different author for each chapter, those weren’t good enough odds for me.

Other than that one book, I enjoyed most everything I read in February. I read Meg Rosoff’s newest right at the end of the month, and I think I need to reread it before I try to put my thoughts into words. She’s an author where I’ll read anything she puts out, and she didn’t let me down with What I Was. It’s interesting to follow the whole trend of how her books are published in various places – as adult, young adult, both – but I still think of her as young adult, but the kind of young adult that adults should be getting their hands on. As an example of what is right with the world of YA (there are, of course, lots of other examples of this – Rosoff is just one).