In a recent conversation about fasting, and why we fast or don’t fast, the question was raised of whether fasting might just lead to gluttony before and after the fast.  It’s kind of hard to gorge (or rather, really easy to feel satiated) after a fast, especially after Holy Week, but before a fast?  Sure, I’m more likely to take a second helping of pie and ice cream when I know it’s my last chance.  But I’d probably take the second helping anyway.  And being eased into it – first no meat, then no dairy – limits the gorging to certain items each week.

This week, knowing it’s my last chance for dairy has led to more appreciation than gluttony.  I get off work and realize it’s my last chance for a real latte until the end of April, and I hie myself to the coffee shop.  And I walk home on a nice (almost) spring evening, enjoying the last latte, just like I’m enjoying the extra hour of daylight.  And just like I’m tired from missing that hour of sleep, I’ll miss the milk and cheese and eggs tomorrow.  But it doesn’t mean it’s not worth it.