The Big Read II: I, Claudius

Chapters 11-13

My brain, as well as the notes I made while reading, seems to have escaped me. So we’ll go with random impressions from this batch of chapters.

First, I’m still rooting for Postumus. He’s on the loose, and I have a bad feeling about how it will all end, but he’s got my vote for a character who really ought to survive against the odds. Obviously Claudius himself will also survive against the odds, but he manages it by slipping under the radar and appearing harmless.

I started watching the TV show Rome again, and I’m trying to remember back to who in the show is related to who in the book. If I have it straight, the kid on the show, Octavian, will grow up to be Augustus. So as I’m watching the episodes, and him dealing with his power-hungry mother, I’m thinking two things. First, did he learn nothing from all his mother’s conniving? He has to go and marry the same kind of woman? And second, Atia has nothing on Livia. The show makes Atia out to be the powerful woman behind the scenes, plotting and arranging marriages and murders and divorces, but Livia would grind Atia into the dust. She probably did.

Now I need to go poke around Wikipedia to get all the family trees straight in my head.

My head hurts.