The Big Read II: I, Claudius

Chapter 20-22

Chapter 20: Ewwww. But then, of course, I’m laughing: “I am only somewhat superstitious.” And, “He made a propitiatory sacrifice of nine black puppies.” I shouldn’t find that funny, but I do.

And again, why am I not surprised? And, was Caligula somehow responsible? Who else could be? All the same, it’s surprisingly sad.

Chapter 21: Rome needs a CSI team or something to investigate all these suspicious deaths. Of course, they would probably be in Livia’s pay and the results would be faked so that they would continue to appear to be suicide or accidental death or a stomach ailment. So I guess it wouldn’t really help. But despite my complete lack of interest in shows like CSI, I’m somewhat tickled by the idea of a CSI: Rome.

Ooh, the people are really against Livia now? I wonder how long that will last.

Chapter 22: “What had begun to impress me as particularly ominous, though I could not altogether account for my feelings, was the strong bond between Livia and Caligula.” Uh-oh. But of course they’re drawn to each other. “I don’t mean to suggest that there was any indecent relationship between them.” No, of course you don’t, Claudius. You’re just reassuring us. You’re not denying it just to put the idea into our heads, no no.

I’m in chapter 26 now, but I’ve fallen behind on the recaps and I’m feeling incredibly sluggish these days, so I think I’ll drop the recaps and come back with some final thoughts at the end.  If I manage to pry myself back off the couch to post.