So it’s Lent.  Have I mentioned that it’s Lent?  I’m mentioning it again because people get confused.  My coworkers, they know about the whole being vegan for Lent deal, and I told them that my Lent started later than Western-style Lent (ie, the Lent that all you non-Orthodox know and love, or completely ignore except for the Easter candy part, no judgment).  But then of course on Monday my coworkers think, “Easter came and went, she can have Real Food again!”  But I can’t.  Because it wasn’t Easter for us.  (At work, there’s this ongoing joke that I don’t eat “real food.”  And it has nothing to do with the fast.)

But, to make up for it, we get a patronal feast, a feast which includes SALMON.  Oh, delicious salmon.  I love you ever so.  I love the feast, too, and a nice crowded candlelit church, and a god-daughter who can’t stand still but keeps tripping over her own feet, and some socializing afterwards over the aforementioned salmon.   It’s a lovely little break in Lent.  Which is not over until late April.  Pascha is April 27.  This will be on the test.

This year I made some vegan cupcakes for the feast – apparently last year I made vegan cupcakes, too, but I didn’t take note of the recipe.  These were pretty tasty, when I scarfed one down last night.   Here’s what I changed in the recipe: I didn’t have instant coffee (who does?) so I omitted that from the batter.  I used almond milk instead of soy.  For the frosting, I used half coconut oil, half canola margarine.  I strongly recommend coconut oil if you enjoy a mildly coconut flavor to your vegan baked goods.  I would use it constantly and exclusively if it weren’t so expensive.