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Saturday was like a day stolen from summer. Warm enough to sit out in the yard, with short sleeves and bare feet, and soak up the sun until it was too warm and time to move into the shade. Warm enough to think I should’ve planted a garden already, and admire the sunflowers that are popping up in tiny clusters of leaves (and thin them out). Warm enough to eat dinner out at the picnic table, with a cold glass of wine and good company. Warm enough to leave the door and windows open until bedtime. Blissful. Especially when only the other day, I’d been wearing a wool coat and sleeping with a hot water bottle.

Of course, now we’re back to regular, chilly April weather, but everything is turning fresh spring green, the trees committing to having leaves, the daffodils and ending and the tulips are coming up, and each walk through the neighborhood offers more signs of better weather to come. We ought to have lilacs for Pascha – which is less than two weeks away! And I just might manage to avoid freezing to death in my new dress, if I’m lucky. Last year it rained, and the egg hunt was indoors, and there was no romping around the church property, but hopefully this year the weather will show its sweet side, like two years ago.

(I really need to start busting out my camera more – it’s been ages since I took – and posted – new pictures.)
Also, if anyone is in the Portland, Oregon area and would like to come to a bone marrow donor drive, there will be one this Saturday, April 19, 2008 from 1-5 pm. I have more information – leave a comment and I’ll email you. This is in support of a friend’s sister, who is 19 and was recently diagnosed with leukemia. The drive will be sponsored so you can be tested and added to the registry for free, although donations will be welcomed. It just takes a simple cheek swab to be tested – nothing painful!

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