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I finally finished listening to Suite Francaise, which is a week overdue.  For shame!  But since library staff recently lost the no-fines privilege (look at us being so ethical!) I feel slightly less shame since I will have to cough up $1.75 for the extra week.  Before I felt guilty when I kept something overdue; now I am just your average fine-paying patron, keeping the library in business with my small change.  But that’s all beside the point, because it was a great book and well worth the $ to finish it up.  The audio version was excellent, and I only wish she had managed to finish the planned 5 parts instead of just 2, because I was hooked.  I didn’t necessarily like a lot of the characters, but they were quite vivid and a bunch of them are still hanging out in my head.   Does that happen to anyone else?  I really wanted to know what happened to Lucille in Paris, and more about the family that worked at the bank, and Madeleine.

Latest pet peeve: book reviews that spend most of the time talking about the author and/or doing plot summary.  Particularly on Goodreads.  Sometimes I’m sure I’m guilty of this – and it makes sense to do those things when your review is existing independently, say in a newspaper or on a blog.  But when your review sits up against a plot summary on a site like Goodreads, don’t repeat what’s already in the summary.  Expand on what’s already there.  Give me some opinion.  Why did you think it was worth that number of stars?  Why do you think it’s worth someone else picking it up?  Maybe this is because I’m not a huge plot person – sure, I enjoy a good plot.  But I don’t often pick up a book just because of the plot.  I’m more interested in how well it was written and in what personal value it had to people.  Or because the characters were memorable or the language delicious.

I finished watching season 2 of Rome, which is good because I need to start allocating more time to school work.  Oh wait, I’m blogging instead.  Anyway, it’s fascinating.  And leads to lots of bizarre conversations about Roman history around the apartment.

On the horizon: Holy Week.  Why do I suddenly feel so unprepared?

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