The prophesied hot weather is upon us.  I am prepared with my iced tea (Earl Grey, of course, with a bit of honey and mint) and my ham sandwiches and my cold chicken and my salad.  Actually, I’m out of salad.  And eggs.  And I could really use some tonic to enable my gin consumption.  Especially after what promises to be a hot day at work – hot warehouse, hot office where the AC has stopped working.  I could also really go for some baked chocolate goodness, but I ought to be working on these assignments due Sunday.  I’m still doing the preparatory reading, sloth that I am.  But I want to BAKE.  Oh, such is the struggle of life.  I’ve had two long days in a row and not enough time.  If I abandon my homework now, I’d have just enough time to get something in the oven before work…

I’m enjoying The Family Markowitz, although not quite as much as Kaaterskill Falls.  This is more in short story format, although all the stories are about the same family so it feels better than unrelated short stories.  I have problems with short stories, although in theory I love them.  They just don’t fill the same gap that a NOVEL does.  I’m a novel kind of person.  The story about the woman doing ethnographic research with the old ladies cracked me up, because the researcher was so biased, and unable to see her bias, which completely defeated the point of the research.  Yes, I’m taking a research class.  No, I’m not particularly interested in research.  Especially DOING it.  I don’t mind reading about someone else’s research and judging it.

Off to see if I have enough chocolate chips left for cookies, or if I ate too many of them as snacks.  I can read up on privacy while they bake, right?