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  • I’m in a bullet point mood.
  • I got the summer internship I want, which will mean 1) no free time 2) lots of driving and 3) a what looks to be awesome experience at a bustling library with a whole gaggle of children’s and YA librarians.  I’m all excited to be chosen, but on the other hand, I’m the one giving them hours and hours of free labor.  Still, yay!
  • Go over to Kate’s blog, submit your take on a William Carlos Williams poem (you know you have one in you) and get some of her fab homemade goat milk soap!  Opportunity of a lifetime!  I can vouch for the soap.  And I want to see more takes on This is Just to Say.
  • I finished Dreamhunter, which I keep thinking of as the prequel to the Printz Honor Dreamquake.  In reality, Dreamquake is the sequel, and I’m the one who read them out of order.  Conclusion: reading the sequel first it totally possible, and rewarding, and really makes you use your brain.  Reading the first book first is for the weak, because it explains everything.  To my mind, the Printz committee was right on in 1) slapping a shiny sticker on that puppy and 2) slapping a shiny sticker on a sequel.  It’s hard to judge a book’s ability to stand alone when you’ve read all the preceding volumes (see, my love for King of Attolia) but it IS possible for a good sequel to stand alone, and I hope future awards committees keep that in mind.  Maybe the trick is just to avoid reading any series until the whole thing as been published, and then read it in reverse order?  Or not.  Thinking about that makes my head hurt.
  • I’m listening to People of the Book.  I like it.  I will be more articulate later.
  • We have new neighbors.  The nice people bought a house and moved away.  So we have the loud neighbors and the unknown neighbors.  Time will tell.
  • I just realized that my summer internship will probably lead to me possessing – and using – three different counties’ library cards.  A bit excessive, don’t you think?
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