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In an attempt to procrastinate yesterday (2 assignments and 3 days till summer vacation) I went through my bookshelves and pulled off all the titles I own but haven’t read.  I knew I had a bunch, but I was still surprised at the size of the piles.  Thirty-three, as it turns out, and most of them nice and thick.  So I think my summer reading project will be to knock out a few of those.  Now that they’re not mixed in with the rest of my e books, their presence will be a constant little reminder.

I might start off with something fun, like The Moonstone.  I just watched the Masterpiece Theater version of The Woman in White the other night, and that put me back in the mood for some Wilkie Collins.  The movie version was pretty good – they cut out some of the subplots, but kept just enough of the creepiness and the villainy.  I also liked that the actresses playing the sisters had a bit of resemblance – it didn’t stretch the imagination too much.  As with the book, though, I really liked Marian better than Laura.  Oh, and the uncle was perfect.  Definitely recommended if you like the book.

I also have a few Edward Eager titles that I know I read as a kid, but have no memory of.  Those will be good little snacks in between the thicker things, like The Idiot and Great Expectations.  I don’t plan on finishing all 33 titles, but half would be nice.  Of course, the pile will only grow since I have $50 in Amazon gift cards, but hey.  That’s a good problem to have.  I am planning on getting King Arthur Flour Whole Grain Baking, since I love the Baker’s Companion ever-so, and that will eat up a good chunk of the $50.

Any must-buy suggestions?

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