Back from a much-needed vacation, and I’m immediately thrown into a 13 day week (yes, they exist) that started off with a 12 hour work-day.  That sound you hear?  Is me screaming.  At least I don’t have fires and smoke-filled air like Kate and her menagerie.  I also don’t have adorable pigs named Wilbur, Charlotte and Nellie.  Life is a trade-off.  I seem to have chosen to work ridiculous hours.  But look!  I went to Colorado!

I’m way behind on my book reviews – I read Mary Doria Russell’s Dreamers of the Day while I was gone (actually, I read a bit on the plane and the rest on Sunday afternoon when I got home) and I can’t quite decide how I feel about it.  I just started Elizabeth Wein’s The Winter Prince which feels very carefully written – I feel as though if I pay careful attention I will be amply rewarded.

I did my first story time yesterday – in a park, with a crowd, and I felt like I had to SHOUT to be heard by the people right in front of me.  Oh, the joys of summer.  I need to work on my projection.