I was sad to hear of Tasha Tudor’s death – I have a deep hankering for some of her out of print books, like Becky’s Birthday, which I used to get from the library as a kid.  I also have a well-worn copy of The Dolls’ Christmas. They were precisely the kind of picture books I loved as a child – old-fashioned but not sickly sweet.  There’s a great piece about her here.

I was in Aspen over the weekend with my college roommates – the four girls I shared a house with senior year.  It had been almost two years since we were all in the same place, so we made up for the lost time by cramming into a (very lovely) studio apartment.  We spent time in so-clean-you-know-it’s-for-rich-people Aspen, and spent a day at a gorgeously rustic house further up in the mountains.  Apparently the snow just melted, and the rivers are high and fast and muddy, but the weather was perfect and so was the company.

Here’s the outdoor dining room:

And here’s my friend’s place of employment (seriously, this is where she works):

Now I am off to the library (again), coffee in hand.