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I grew a potato! Now, it’s no enormous potato, but it IS a potato. There may be more in the garden, but I only excavated the plant that had fallen over and looked dead (isn’t that when you’re supposed to harvest potatoes?) I never realized how easy it is to grow a potato. Here’s the life cycle of my potato: I bought a bag of local, organic small white potatoes at New Seasons. I ate most of them, and the rest of them sprouted before I got around to them (this happens to me constantly – I can never seem to finish my potatoes, no matter what quantity I buy at a time). So I cut them up, leaving a couple of eyes per piece. I left them out on the counter to dry for a few days. They looked hideous. Then I planted 4 or 6 of the least scary-looking ones in our garden bed, not expecting anything to happen. A while later I noticed these strange plants in a corner of the garden. I thought they might be weeds, and was about to pull them out, when I realized they were growing in two rows, just like I’d planted the potatoes. Victory! They’ve slumped pretty quickly – I don’t know if this is normal or not – so today I pulled one up, and voila, one leetle tiny potato.

Also doing well in the garden are sunflowers – the first one just bloomed – and the dill just went to seed. The tomatoes have blossoms, but since I’m moving at the end of the month, I doubt I’ll get to eat any – a pity, since I tried some new varieties this year. I haven’t killed the sage yet, and my succulents are, as always, thriving.

In other news, my bike is back from the repair shop and I can’t wait for some free time to roam the streets. I was walking the Springwater Corridor trail last weekend and envying all the cyclists who whizzed past.

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