I’m alive.  It’s all work, weddings, blueberries, hurried meals, books read in spare moments, driving to and fro, trying to remember all the places I need to change my address, internship evaluations (even though it’s not over yet – but for school credit), zoning out watching Veronica Mars in the evenings, and having time generally zip past.

I feel like I haven’t been reading much, but suddenly I was way behind with keeping track of things on Goodreads.  I loved David Mitchell’s Black Swan Green on audio.  I’m also loving Leif Enger’s So Brave, Young and Handsome, which I’m listening to now.  I’m still hooked on Elizabeth E. Wein’s books.  I started Flora Segunda last night and I’m prepared to be delighted.

Two more weeks of internship, and then I can catch my break and enjoy about a month of real summer vacation before I start back to school.