I am alive.  Yes, it is remarkable.  I feel like I am talking like Elephant and Piggy.  Today I will fly!*  No, wait, today I will make chocolate pudding!  That’s more like it.

Clearly the heat has gone to my head, except I can’t really use that as an excuse since I’m sitting in air conditioning.  A perk of the move.  It’s been hot and muggy, and my car doesn’t have AC, and I’ve been driving around a lot, as usual, to and from internship and jobs.  One job is the opposite of air-conditioned – I spend 2 hours in a warehouse doing manual labor.  I drip.

Fortunately, I only have one week left for my internship, and then I can actually enjoy a brief period of something we like to call “summer” before school starts – I’ll have about a month where I’m just working – no school, no internship, no extra demands on my time.  I can sleep and bake and read to my heart’s content.

Speaking of baking, I tried a new recipe for the church picnic – Dream Bars from the good ol’ King Arthur Flour Baker’s Companion – they’re a gooey mess of coconut and pecans on top of a cookie crust, and they’re fabulous.  I’ll find the recipe again when I bother to get off the couch.

To conclude an incredibly scattered post, some pictures of things I baked ages ago.  First is the Madeira Cake from How to be a Domestic Goddess:

This was dense and moist and satisfying.

Next is the Victoria Sponge, also from the Nigella book, with strawberry & whipped cream filling (there’s also a thin layer of strawberry jam, but you can’t really see it).  I made this for the 4th of July – see how behind I am on my pictures?

Also from the 4th, my cousins-once-removed hamming it up:

One of these days I’ll come back and talk about what I’ve been reading (or what I haven’t been reading).

*So, I wanted to link to Powell’s, because I like Powell’s, but anytime I searched for anything Mo Willems related, all the results were random and obscure and had nothing to do with the esteemed Mr. Willems.  It was like stepping into an alternate internet.  I was scared.  The titles didn’t even have any similar keywords.