I’ve decided, a little belatedly, that September is Mystery Month.  Yeah, yeah, it’s almost over – but it turns out I’m reading a lot of mysteries this fall.  I got on a kick with the Vicky Bliss series, and then I started listening to Maisie Dobbs – she makes excellent company while baking a pan of brownies – and then I dove into Sister Pelagia and the White Bulldog, on Julia’s recommendation.  All in all, a lot more mysteries than I usually digest in one month, and with two Vicky Bliss and a handful of Maisie and Sister Pelagia left, October might be Mystery Month, Part 2 – unless, of course I get sick of them.

If I do get sick of them, I have a nice list of YA titles to keep me busy – I just signed up for a Mock Printz.  It’s not until January, but it’s never too early to start reading.  I’ve already read (and pugned, as Frankie would say) 3 of the 11 titles.  Here’s the list for 2009, with links to my thoughts on the ones I’ve already read:

Some of these I’ve heard good things about and I had in the back of my mind to read, and some I’d never heard of.  So at the very least it will broaden my reading for the year.  Last year’s Mock Printz was remarkably unsuccessful in choosing the winner or any honor books – we read only one of the five honorees (Your Own Sylvia). So far this year, I think my favorite is Jenna Fox.  I ordered a copy of Paper Towns with an Amazon gift card, so I’m waiting for that to show up.  But where is Octavian Nothing, Volume 2?  From all accounts it’s a worthy sequel, and we had The Pox Party on the mock list 2 years ago.  I was looking forward to a few rousing arguments about it.

Good grief, it’s almost 4 months until we meet and I’m already spending too much time thinking about it.  Maybe I can distract myself with a nice warm cup of coffee and a mystery.

Oh, and talk about a first day of autumn – I’m bundled up, my toes are cold even in socks, I’m craving hot beverages, the air is crisp and fally, it’s cloudy one minute and sunny the next, and – good grief – there are a few leaves on the lawn.  The weather’s sure not wasting any time.