There’s being a nerd, and there’s being a nerd.  This morning, Kitri and I held our own “Octavian Nothing Release Party.”  Just like when a new volume of a bestselling series comes out, and bookstores host parties and kids line up in costumes to get the book at the stroke of midnight.  Just like it.  Except Powell’s wasn’t open at midnight, so we pre-ordered a couple copies and showed up at 9 am to pick them up.  And then we had breakfast and chatted.  It’s the grown-up nerd version of a release party, okay?

So far I haven’t let myself jump into it – there are a lot of other things I should read first.  How long will I hold out?  Maybe an hour.  Already the title page delights me:

The Astonishing Life of Octavian Nothing

Traitor to the Nation

Taken from accounts by his own hand and other sundry sources

Collected by Mr. M. T. Anderson of Boston

Volume II: The Kingdom on the Waves

I love holding a book in my hands that I know I will love.  Actually, I’ve been surrounded by a lot of fantastic works of creativity lately.  I inhaled Nancy Werlin’s Impossible on Saturday – and I’m still trying to digest it to give it justice in a review.  My brother and I went to heard the Portland Baroque Orchestra do Vivaldi’s Four Seasons on Sunday – an absolute delight.  I started reading Vikram Seth’s An Equal Music on Julia’s recommendation, and it’s made me put all kinds of music on hold at the library to compliment the reading.

And then, on Saturday we’re going to see Swan Lake. Can you believe I’ve never seen Swan Lake live?  It’s an over-the-top confection and I adore it.  Tragedy, romance, impersonation, evil magicians, flocks of swans, swoony music, and a really great party scene – classic Tchaikovsky.  What more do you want from a ballet?

In addition to all that, I’m swimming through piles of children’s books for my classes feeling overwhelmed, not by how much I have to do, but by how many great things there are out there to choose from.

And in addition to my giant pile of library books, I’ve got Paper Towns and White House Autumn being shipped to me.  If I neglect the blog, it’s because I’m too busy reading to come up for breath.