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Impossible Impossible by Nancy Werlin

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While this is technically a fantasy story, centering around the life of a teenage girl whose family has been cursed for generations, it really doesn’t feel like one. Sure, there are the three (or four) impossible tasks to be performed, and the devilish figure pulling the strings of the curse – but really, it’s a story about growing up. Most YA books have some coming-of-age element, but this one is about facing up to life, not prolonging your adolescence, and maturing due to strength of character and the obstacles faced. Werlin really does a fine job of combining a realistic present day story with the fantastic elements. Lucy’s relationship with her foster parents is completely believable, as is her relationship with her best friend, who, despite her limited time on the page, is delightfully rounded. Then there’s a swoony – but not idealized – romance. Lucy’s reactions to all the tough things in her life never feel melodramatic or trivialized. So, it’s all very well done. Plus, the plot moves along at a nice clip, and forgive the pun, but the book is “impossible” to put down – I read it in an evening.

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