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Normally I go to the library at least twice a week, since I usually work twice a week.  That gives me plenty of opportunities to return things, pick up my holds, browse on occasion – although I tend to get most of my things in on hold, since it’s so easy, plus it feels odd to browse on my breaks.  But lately – using the excuse of needing books for classes – I’ve been going for fun at least two more times each week.  I worked on Friday; on Saturday my mom went in and I gave her a big pile of picture books to return.  On Sunday I stopped in to pick up a DVD that came in on hold.  On Monday I went in to observe a story time, return another pile of books, and browse for my next few assignments.

Both of my classes have moved on from picture books to chapter books and non-fiction.  One class requires all the titles to be new to me, with some being award winners, the other class requires a variety of genres.  I stared at the shelves for a few minutes, completely blanking on things I’ve been meaning to read.  Then I went into whirlwind mode, snatching up titles left and right.  I love having chapter books be “homework” – I feel like I’m in 6th grade again, being “forced” to write a book report.  When everyone knows that it’s just a big excuse for me to spend even more time reading, and more time at the library.  And then when this is over, I’ll appreciate my YA and grown-up books all the more.

Right now I’m reading:

  • The Lazarus Project – every time I pick it up, I like it.  But then I forget to pick it up for a while.
  • The Whipping Boy – I know I read this ages ago, but I don’t remember anything except the premise.
  • Stanford Wong Flunks Big-Time – so funny.  It’s been a while since I read Millicent Min, Girl Genius, but I’m enjoying the perspective from the other side.
  • The Lace Reader – on audio in the car.  I just got hooked, a few discs in.
  • Sunrise Over Fallujah – from the mock Printz list, which I’ve been neglecting ever since I realized I have all these younger chapter books to read.

Goodreads thinks I’m still reading Octavian Nothing, but I just can’t find words to do it justice.  One of these days.

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