The atmosphere at the library yesterday was positively gleeful.  We were all sort of bubbly and bouncy, even the normally serious folks.  The ballot measure passing means a lot to my particular library, but it will mean even more to the libraries that rely on the county for 50-70% of their funding – and to the two cities that will get NEW libraries.  We hung a big dorky “thank you voters” sign above the circ desk, complete with streamers.  We all kept talking about how we didn’t believe the election results when we first saw them, that we all kept checking different sources and refreshing the county’s election results page in disbelief.  There was also one employee who couldn’t talk about Obama because she kept crying every time she tried.  It was a good day to be at work.

Today it’s back to my giant stack of books.  I finished Karen Hesse’s Brooklyn Bridge, which I’m still trying to sort out my thoughts on before I review it for class.  Last night I polished off Eva Ibbotson’s delicious The Secret of Platform 13.  Now I’m partway through Ella Enchanted, one fairy tale retelling that I’ve, shockingly, never read before – I’m really enjoying the premise.  I read Surviving the Applewhites over the weekend, and I was kind of disappointed.  I thought it was supposed to be funny – or maybe I just wasn’t in the right mood – but I kept wishing I were reading one of Hilary McKay’s books instead, because she does the quirky family thing so wonderfully.

In completely unrelated news, can you believe it’s November and I haven’t baked anything with pumpkin this fall?  Shocking.  I need to fix that.