I thought I had to go to work at 11, but then I remembered I don’t have to be there until 12 and thought “yay!  Let’s waste some time on the internet!”  So here I am, drinking coffee and poking around.

Yesterday my good friend Lis was in town, and we borrowed baby Olivia for a while and got caught up and had a really garlicky lunch.  Poor baby O being carried around by a couple of garlic-breath aunties all afternoon!  She’s the most easy going baby – nothing phased her.  Unfortunately I never managed to get out my camera, being too busy talking and consuming garlic and trying to resist eating the baby for dessert.

BabelBabe wrote this post yesterday that had me agreeing all the way through – not only do we share a taste in books, but we have the same inherent laziness.  Sigh.  There are a lot of things I’ve done which might have turned out badly – I never had to work all that hard for the grades I got, I applied to one college and one grad school and got into both.  I tend to rent the first apartment/house I look at.  I’m not ambitious.  Not that I don’t have high standards – but I’ve never been the type to pull an all-nighter, literally or figuratively.  I only stay up past my bedtime to finish a book – or sometimes to bake.  I do have high standards when it comes to baked goods.  You won’t see me showing up at a church potluck with something I picked up at the grocery store.  So I guess I’m not a total sloth.  And I’ve read 13 books in the past 11 days.  So.