We lost power last night, but thankfully only for a few hours!  Just long enough for my dad, brother and I to get totally loopy sitting around by candlelight.  Actually, strangely enough, I was in the process of lighting a candle when the power went out – it just turned from mood lighting to practical lighting.  So we played rummy and ate the casserole that had been in the oven (partially cooked).

Fortunately I didn’t have to go to work yesterday (my manager was already there and said she’d do my job – she’s totally getting a plate of Christmas cookies for this) because this is what my car looked like:

After I took this picture, it snowed another few inches.  I’ve never seen this much snow in Portland in my entire life.  There’s a table in the back yard that looks like a giant bundt cake now:

It even has a hole in the middle from where the umbrella goes in the summer.  Which reminds me that I still have some baking to do.  On Saturday I made chocolate muffins for breakfast, using frozen raspberries instead.  YUM.  Then I made a giant double batch of molasses cookies, which are supposed to chill for an hour before you bake them.  But the fridge was jam-packed so I set the bowl of dough outside on the porch.  Sometimes the weather comes in handy!  Yesterday was apple fritter day – there’s nothing like some freshly fried dough rolled in cinnamon sugar, let me tell you.

Next up are some rice crispy treats, and a big batch of chocolate mint bars for Christmas.  I also need to figure out what to take to church – if I can even make it to Christmas Eve liturgy in this weather.  I sure hope so, since it’s snowed the last two Sundays and I’m feeling kind of out of touch with the whole Advent thing.

I’m pretty excited about my first white Christmas.