Nation Nation by Terry Pratchett

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rating: 5 of 5 stars
I tend to over-think the ratings I give to books. Sometimes I just want to say “this was a good book” without attaching any other value. Sometimes I can’t figure out the difference between a 4 star book and a 5 star book – and then I read something that feels fresh, but draws on all sorts of compelling themes, where I don’t want to leave the world of the book or the characters – and then I know – THIS is a 5 star book.

Which is all a way of saying that the premise is hard to describe, and it sounds pretty silly when you try. But the style is fantastic, with plenty of quirky humor and wordplay, plus a good sense of movement in the plot. And the characters – well, I hated to see them leave the page. I wanted MORE. There’s a bit of an adventure story, but never just for the sake of adventure – and it always ties into the bigger themes about faith and science and friendship and community, without being didactic. It’s a little genre-defying too, and I think this gives it a nice wide appeal. Good for any reader (probably middle school through adults) who likes to think and have a good plot, plus the world would draw in people who like vivid settings, plus the characters are fantastic, plus the style is great for those of us who are picky about those things.

Plus, I can’t read the word “trousermen” without snickering.

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