Oh, February!  Why can’t it be spring already?  The sun came out yesterday but of course today we’re back to clouds.

My shelf of library books has gotten a little out of control lately – either I’m not reading fast enough, or I’m putting too many things on hold.  When it comes to books, I’m an impulse shopper.   Ooh, shiny!  Put it on hold at the library!  But then other people put things on hold, too, and I can’t keep renewing things forever.  So I had to arrange my shelf with all the books with hold-lists at the front.  I have until tomorrow to finish Stephanie Kallos’ Sing Them Home (which shouldn’t be a problem) and then I’ll jump into the Newbery Honor books, and then we’ll see what comes next.

Sing Them Home is kind of rambly and full of quirky but likeable characters, and it’s one of those books that makes you wonder how the author put it all together.  Which characters did she think up first, or was the it the town?  I don’t necessarily want to know the answers to these questions, but it makes the book interesting from a structural standpoint.  What I really like, though, are her characters – and this one has a nice big cast without feeling like a saga.  Kallos does a great job of describing little things – most mornings when I make coffee, I still think of her description in Broken For You of a character making French press coffee.  The way the compulsive eater character plots out her food intake, or the description of an empty house – they’re all detailed, but give a great sense of mood at the same time.

I’m almost done with school – and it’s such a relief, after 2 1/2 years, to answer the constant question, “when will you get your degree?” with “in a few weeks.”  I’ll have a lull of free time, then, while I wait to find out about a job possibility, and possibly move, hopefully enjoy having my time be my own again.  I’ll be able to read, or bake, or go for a walk, or make plans without wondering if I ought to be starting the next assignment.