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So, I think I’m done with grad school. I submitted my final assignments, I sent a check for my last fee, my portfolio was approved…wow, that was anticlimactic. But isn’t it always? Even if I go to graduation for all the pomp and ceremony, that’s not until June. And I’m not starting a new, official librarian job yet. I am going to be moving soon, but that’s not quite the same thing.  That part isn’t unexpected, but it feels unexpected – my future roommate’s parents sold their house out from under her, so we’re moving in together sooner than planned.  I always hate moving, even if I’m looking forward to my new situation.  I was thinking that I still had time to get sick of living with my family, but I didn’t quite manage it.  Maybe they’ll be really mean leading up to the move and make the whole thing easier.

I also happen to have this week off of work (one job, at least) and I feel at loose ends.  The weather is dreary and I was too busy with school to make plans – but I feel the need to get out and do something fun.  For now, I’m enjoying eating dinner at dinner time instead of 10:30 pm.  Maybe I’ll finally work my way through my giant stack of library books.  Although I did start reading The Forsyte Saga, for some bizarre reason, so the going might be slow.  Just reading the first two chapters I’m already dying to watch the miniseries again.  I watched the newer version a few years ago, but maybe this time I’ll try the older one.  Or both, back to back.  Because I’m on vacation.

Back to the moving topic – it will be so odd to take all my things out of storage and use them again – but in a good way.  I’m also having to repress all these urges to take a little trip to Ikea.  I don’t even have an apartment yet, and already I want to pick out some curtains, and definitely a new bookshelf is in order, and wouldn’t some new picture frames come in handy?  Housewares: the best reason to have your own place.  Window-shopping will have to do for now.

Silent On The Moor Silent On The Moor by Deanna Raybourn

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Despite the terrible cover, this book is just as engaging – and just as much of a fun page-turner – as the first two books in the series (Silent In The Grave and Silent in the Sanctuary). This one has a new location, the Yorkshire moors (and of course there’s a tip of the hat to the Bronte sisters), and is chock-full of buried family secrets and tense relationships. There’s also some Egyptology mixed in, which of course brings Peabody and Emerson to mind – and although they have some things in common with that illustrious fictional couple, Lady Julia and Brisbane are different enough to not feel derivative. I also appreciate that each book in the series feels unique in terms of setting and plot, and the drawn-out relationship between the characters has more in common with Vicky and John (Street of the Five Moons, etc.) than the Emersons. Hopefully more installments will follow, but just enough of the loose ends are tied up to make the wait bearable.

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