So here I am, all moved, and starting to get a grip on the important things about my new place – like when the mail comes.  Annoyingly, the mailboxes are in a centralized location, so I don’t hear the pitter-patter of postal worker feet on my stairs to let me know of its glorious arrival.  Fortunately, I just realized that I have a view of where the mail truck parks, so now I know to expect it during the early afternoon.  I’ve yet to find anything of interest in there, so you know your duty.  Go forth and mail.

We’ve got pictures on the walls and food in the cupboards and internet access at last – in other words, it’s starting to feel like home.  This afternoon I plan on walking to the neighborhood library (one library is never enough for me) and checking out the co-op up the street.  I’m not too far from the house I lived in during college (and not too far from my alma mater, for that matter), so it feels a bit odd to be back in the old neighborhood.  It brings back all kinds of random memories.  I keep dropping by my parents’ house, though, to pick up odd things I’ve forgotten and just to hang out.

Speaking of college, I’m all official with my MLIS now.  I’ve been trying to decide whether it’s worth the trouble to go to graduation – the school does have a separate ceremony than the whole university (there is no way I’d put myself through that).  Besides, the degree-colored hood is lemon, of all colors.  (Although I guess it could be worse – the poor MFAs have brown, which would be pretty drab with the black gowns.)  And the whole outfit is pricey.  Plus the trip up, and I don’t even know who else is graduating this year.  Still, there’s something pleasantly Gaudy Night-ish about the gown and hood thing.

I’ve been watching The Forsyte Saga again – I tried the old BBC version, but it was too much over-acting and heavy makeup and poor lighting for me, so I switched back to the newer version which I know and love.  I’m reading the book at the same time, and it’s funny to hear lines echoed verbatim in the miniseries.  The book has a nice tone to it – a little melodrama, a little humor, and a little snark.  And one of these days I’ll catch up on my Goodreads reviews – I’ve been reading plenty but fell behind on reviewing while I didn’t have internet access.